Al Samit International and its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, and divisions (“Al Samit”) uphold responsible business practices. The manner in which we conduct our operations holds equal importance to the services we offer. Therefore, Al Samit will exclusively engage with suppliers, contractors, and consultants (referred to collectively as “Suppliers”) who adhere to pertinent and governing laws, regulations, and, at a minimum, exhibit business conduct standards in line with those outlined in this Human Rights and Labor Standards (“HRLS”). Al Samit anticipates that Suppliers, their personnel, sub-suppliers, and any other entities involved in the execution of Al Samit projects, will similarly abide by applicable laws and the standards articulated in this HRLS.

Al Samit International expects the following, without limitation, including respecting the human rights of employees from all its Suppliers:

Forced Labor, Human Trafficking and Slavery

Supplier shall not use any form of forced labor including prison, indentured, bonded, military,

Child Labor

Supplier shall ensure that no underage labor has been used in the production or distribution of their goods or services.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

Supplier must adhere to applicable laws regarding the right to affiliate with lawful organizations without interference.

Working Hours

Supplier’s employee working hours must be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Wages and Benefits

Suppliers must have a system in place to verify and accurately record payroll, deductions and the hours worked

Non discrimination

Employment by Supplier shall be based solely on person’s ability and not personal characteristics.