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Our global operations encompass direct hiring services, extending across international boundaries. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of client-provided job descriptions, wherein we meticulously assess our in-house capabilities and the availability of qualified personnel within our extensive database. In tandem with our substantial online presence, we actively promote job openings, resulting in a substantial influx of CV submissions. This strategic approach enables us to efficiently plan and execute recruitment efforts across various skill sets within specified timelines.

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Recruitment Process

  • Initial reception of the recruitment requirements from the client.
  • Thorough review of the specified disciplines and finalization of agreement terms and conditions.
  • Extensive resource identification and search through our comprehensive databases, job postings, targeted headhunting efforts, strategic advertisements, and leveraging social media platforms.
  • Rigorous candidate selection process, culminating in the issuance of job offers, along with necessary assessments for any medical prerequisites based on the host country's regulations.
  • Smooth facilitation of candidate mobilization process.
  • Obtain formal client approvals regarding the schedule for deploying the recruited manpower.

We implement a meticulously managed and controlled recruitment protocol to align staffing requirements with diverse projects on a global scale. Our dedicated team comprises seasoned professionals across a spectrum of disciplines, specializing in Contract Hire arrangements exclusively tailored for our esteemed EPC Clients.

Secondment Process

  • Receipt of the Secondment/Manpower supply requirement from the client.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of terms, aiming for mutual acceptance. Align job profiles and mobilization schedules accordingly.
  • Assemble a pool of available candidates from our extensive and active global database, as well as tapping into our network of in-country resources and ongoing contracts.
  • Facilitate interviews, evaluations, and trade tests for shortlisted candidates, as directed by the Client or Al Samit International.
  • Receive the final list of selected candidates from the client.
  • Initiate the onboarding process, which encompasses completion of contractual, medical, and visa application formalities, ensuring full compliance with the legal framework of the respective country.
  • Commence project onboarding as per the schedule provided by the client.

We extend comprehensive support to applicants for their local travel arrangements, encompassing air, road, or train transportation, as well as accommodation in reputable hotels. Additionally, we facilitate access to medical/training centres, Consulates/Embassies, and airports. In cases where an applicant is unable to collect original travel documents from our office, we ensure their delivery directly at the airport for utmost convenience.

We meticulously organize project sites equipped with state-of-the-art Tools and Machinery to assess personnel for competency or replicate real working conditions, adhering to the exacting specifications mandated by the respective industry. This is executed in strict accordance with the specific Quality Control standards stipulated by our clients, either in their direct presence or under the capable supervision of designated Technical Evaluators.


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